IP Surveillance Setting 
DVRs Setting 

IP Surveillance Camera l Support

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1. System Recommendation
2. Windows Firewall Settings
3. Installation Program List
4. Network Camera Firmware Update Procedure
5. Setup User accounts
6. Motion Detection Setup
7. Sensor / Alarm Event Setup
8. De-interlace Configuration
9. PTZ Configuration & Control
10. E-mail Configuration
11. Video Recording at CMS / Web page
12. Connect to Network Cameras via CMS program
13. DDNS Configuration
14. Router Configuration

14. Router Configuration

If the network camera is connected to the Internet through a router, user must open Network Camera’s ports at the router configuration page for remote monitoring.
Here is the list of the Network Camera port information that must be opened at the router configuration for remote monitoring.
1 Http port : Network Camera Setting -> Network Setup -> HTTP

2 RTSP port : Network Camera Setting -> Audio & Video -> RTP

3 CMS port : Network Camera Setting  CMS

In order to open ports at the router, user must set port-forwarding configuration for each ports.
For more detail regarding port-forwarding configuration, please refer to the router manufacture’s user manual.