warranty l Support
CNB Technology, Inc will repair or replace, without charge, any merchandise proved defective in Material or workmanship for a period of three years after the date of manufacture

Exceptions to this warranty are as noted below.
(Enforcement date : From production product since December 1, 2010)
Product Category Warranty Period
Analog Cameras 3 Years
Zoom Cameras 3 Years
(Zoom lens 1 Year)
IR Cameras 3 Year
PTZ Cameras 2 Year
(Zoom lens 1 Year)
Stand-alone DVR 2 Year
(HDD Except)
IP Cameras 2 Years

Exceptions to Limited Warranty:
The warranty is void if the Product is not operated in conformance with installation, environmental, mechanical or electrical requirements, or within thermal stress limits, or to the extent that any malfunction is the result of misuse, abuse, vandalism, neglect, improper installation or application, alteration, accident, or negligence in use, storage, transportation, or handling, or it the original identification markings on the product have been removed, defaced or altered, lighting, electricity, water, fire, environmental or other hazard, or act of God, or other impact outside of normal operating guidelines.

Non-warranty repairs:
Non-warranty repairs are granted an extended warranty of 3 years for all products except for IR cameras, PTZ Cameras, DVR product. For all non-warranty repairs, CNB Technology, Inc will provide you with a repair estimate that includes charges for parts, labor, and all shipping. Repair charges may be based on a flat rate or parts and labor, and will vary based on actual equipment and condition. You may pay for non-warranty repair charges by purchase order or credit card.