IP Surveillance Setting 
DVRs Setting 

IP Surveillance Camera l Support

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1. System Recommendation
2. Windows Firewall Settings
3. Installation Program List
4. Network Camera Firmware Update Procedure
5. Setup User accounts
6. Motion Detection Setup
7. Sensor / Alarm Event Setup
8. De-interlace Configuration
9. PTZ Configuration & Control
10. E-mail Configuration
11. Video Recording at CMS / Web page
12. Connect to Network Cameras via CMS program
13. DDNS Configuration
14. Router Configuration

6. Motion Detection Setup

6-1. Event Configuration
1. Please go to the network camera Setting -> Event Configuration -> Event Types.
2. Please check at “Enable Event” and “Motion Detection” options.
Figure 6.1. Example of Event Configuration(INS2000)

3. Please select Save button to save the modified configuration.
6-2. Configuring Motion Detection Area
1. Please select Motion button to open the page like below.
Figure 6.2. Example of Configuring Motion Detection Area(INS2000)

2. Please enter Motion Detection Area name at the caption bar and set the its sensitivity.
3. Please select New button, then the newly added caption will be added to the area list.
4. A square with the caption you’ve just defined will appear in viewer window.
5. The size of the square can be adjusted by clicking and dragging its lower right corner, and the position can be adjusted by dragging the square.
6. Please select Click button to save the modified configuration.