IP Surveillance Setting 
DVRs Setting 

IP Surveillance Camera l Support

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1. System Recommendation
2. Windows Firewall Settings
3. Installation Program List
4. Network Camera Firmware Update Procedure
5. Setup User accounts
6. Motion Detection Setup
7. Sensor / Alarm Event Setup
8. De-interlace Configuration
9. PTZ Configuration & Control
10. E-mail Configuration
11. Video Recording at CMS / Web page
12. Connect to Network Cameras via CMS program
13. DDNS Configuration
14. Router Configuration

11. Video Recording at CMS / Web page

11-1 Video Recording at Web page
1 Please go to the network camera Live View.
2 Please click the right button of mouse on the video, and then please select Save
   AVI menu at the popup menu bar.

              Ex) IGP1030 Network Camera
3 When you finish recording, please select Save AVI button again.

              Ex) IGP1030 Network Camera
4 If you select the following icon right after finishing recording, user can play the recorded data. The recorded data is saved at C:\Xnet Capture folder.
11-2 Video Recording at CMS program
1 Please run CMS program and access to all network cameras that you want to record videos.
2 Please select the network record button, and then all connected cameras video will be recording at the PC.

3 User can play recorded video at CMS’s local search.
4 Please select the Search button, and then please select local search.

5 Please select the Network camera’s server name at server name list.
   (Max.16 network cameras are can be selected at the same time)
6 Please select the date you want to check the video from the calendar.
7 Please select play button, then video will be played