IP Surveillance Setting 
DVRs Setting 

IP Surveillance Camera l Support

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1. System Recommendation
2. Windows Firewall Settings
3. Installation Program List
4. Network Camera Firmware Update Procedure
5. Setup User accounts
6. Motion Detection Setup
7. Sensor / Alarm Event Setup
8. De-interlace Configuration
9. PTZ Configuration & Control
10. E-mail Configuration
11. Video Recording at CMS / Web page
12. Connect to Network Cameras via CMS program
13. DDNS Configuration
14. Router Configuration

4. Network Camera Firmware Update Procedure

1. Firmware files consist of two files that has *.tgz and *.image extension.
    (Firmware files are different by the network camera model)
2. Please go to Network Camera’s Setting -> System Setup -> Maintain Server
    and please select Browse button at System Update for searching Firmware files.
3. Please go to the folder where the latest firmware of network camera is stored,
    and please select *.tgz file.
4. Please select update button for firmware update.
5. Please select OK button to continue firmware update process.
6. After updating process, it will automatically reconnect to the web page.
7. Please follow the process 1 through 5 again with selecting *.image file.
8. Updated firmware information can be checked at Network Camera’s Setting -> System Setup -> Status.
※ Please do not disconnect power and LAN cable from the network camera while the update is in process. Update process takes approximately about 1 to 10 minutes.