IP Surveillance Setting 
DVRs Setting 

DVR Setting l Support
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1. How to set up Windows
2. How to set up Firewall
3. VGA
4. List of programs to be installed
5. How to update programs
6. How to save existing settings when
updating programs

7. How to set up recording disc
8. How to change user ID and password
9. How to adjust the speed of recording
10. How to set up motion recording
11. How to set up sensor recording
12. How to set up De-interlace

13. How to control PTZ
14. Controllable PTZ

15. How to set up e-mail

16. How to set up Anti-Pirating function for pictures
17. How to check if image data have been pirated
18. How to set up audio
19. How to set up sensor/alarm
20. How to back up data
21. How to connect DVR to Client program
22. How to set up an alarm for DVR in Client
23. How to connect DVR to IE(Internet Elplorer)
24. How to utilize DDNS service
25. How to set up IP(or Router)

23. How to connect DVR to IE(Internet explorer)

To connect DVR using IE(Internet explorer) DVR system should have DVR web server installed in DVR system.
DVR program -> environment set up -> network -> set up ‘web client support’

Call the IE from a remote system and input IP address of DVR server or ‘domain name’ and click ‘go’ and a Log-in window will come up. .
ex) 或 http://dvrname.ipdvrfree.com
With webport 8080 : or  http://dvrname.ipdvrfree.com:8080

Log in and you can see pictures in DVR.
When you connect the system to DVR for the first time, you have to install ActiveX which normally takes a few minutes.

Click ‘Installation’ when ActiveX installation message comes up. (Once installed, a ‘picture monitoring window’ appears every time the system is connected.)