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About XNET IP Product Alliance Partner:

CNB supplies XNET APP (XNET Alliance Partner Program) for all IP solution providers.
CNB also supplies SDK and provides technical support for various security businesses.
XNET APP welcomes you.

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- Which XNET products need integration? MGC6050F ND25-2MHR ND21-4LR LKC1050IR MDC4050VR MDC4050IR LDC3050VR LDC3050IR NV85-1UR NV55-1PR NV21-5MU NV52-1PR NV25-1MHR NV22-1MHR NV25-1MH NV22-1MH NV12-1MH NV21-0MHR NV21-0MH NV11-0MH MPC1070PN MPC1050IR LPC1050IR MVC4050VR NB85-7UR NB55-7PR NB21-8LR NB15-7PNR NB21-7MU NB52-7PR NB25-7MHR NB22-7MHR NB25-7MH NB22-7MH NB12-7MH NB21-7MHR NB21-7MH NB11-7MH LXC2050VR LXC1050IR MXC6050VR MXC6050IR NP25-6P3R NP55-6P3R NP24-1P10H MSS4052Z20W NP24-8P30ZW(P) NP24-8P30RW(P) NJB401 INS2000 RNA042-4P RNA082-8P RNA164-16P RNA369 MNVR04 MNVR08 MNVR16 MNVR04P MNVR08P MNVR16P NS21-4MHR NS21-4MH NS11-4MH NS21-5M NS21-0MH NS11-0MH Homeye Homeye Mini NS21-7MRY
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