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- Real Time Display
- Recording Rate : 240fps (NTSC)/200fps (PAL)
- HDD : 320GB (Max. 1 Terra)
- Video Input : 16CH
- Pentaplex Operation
- PTZ Control : RS-232, RS-422/485
- Support Application S/W : Web Client, CMS System, PDA Viewer, Water Mark Viewer
Software DataSheet
l System Overview

CNB's PC-Based DVR DSx Series offers high-performance with an array of features and provides a high-end product. CNB DSx Series also provides high quality video resolution and realtime monitoring & recording functions.
The multiple search and save methods for recorded events and automatic backup make the DSx Series one of the most unique system in the surveillance industry. By using audio recording and external backup devices such as CD-RW or USB devices, it provides an easy to use solution for your surveillance needs. PC-based DVRs

l Feature

- Max. 16Ch Video Inputs
- Maximum Internal Storage Capacity of 1TB
- Supports Multiple Resolution up to 720x480(NTSC), 720x576(PAL)
- Monitor Viewing
- Motion Detection, E-map Function, Privacy Zone Masking
- Supports Audio Recording
- Supports Multiple Viewer (Single Viewr, PDA Viewr, Web Client)
- Image Compression : MPEG-4
- CMS Program based on the Network Management System
- Two-way Audio Communication

l System Diagram