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Four-Door IP Access Controller

• 32-bit high-speed processor
• Supports TCP/IP communication, EHome 5.0, and ISAPI protocol. The communication data is specially encrypted to relieve the concern of privacy leak
• User-centered design. Supports adding various user types: normal user, visitor, and user in blocklist
• Standard hermaphrodite connector of three-phase electric adaptor
• Security and protection: isolated internal current and protective cover over control board
• Power supply indicator on the surface
• Supports recognition and storage of card No. with maximum length of 20
• Supports up to 100,000 cards (including 97,000 non visitor cards and 3,000 visitor cards) and 300,000 card presenting records
• Supports multi-door interlock function, anti-passback function, multiple authentications function, open door with first card function, super card and super password function, M1 card encryption, online upgrade function and remote control of the doors
• Supports tampering alarm for the card reader, alarm for door not secured, force opening door alarm, alarm for door opening timeout, duress card and code alarm, blocklist alarm and alarm for illegal card swiping attempts reaching the limit
• Cross-controller anti-passback function(For cross-controller anti-passback based on card, wire the card reader with RS-485. For cross-controller anti-passback based on network, make sure the server and device communicate with each other properly. Up to 5000 users' records can be stored in the selected server.) and inner-device anti- passback function
• Short circuit attempts alarm and open circuit attempts alarm
• IP address conflict detection
• Supports RS-485, OSDP, and Wiegand protocol for accessing card reader. Wiegand interface supports W26, W34 and is compatible with the third-party card reader with Wiegand interface
• Supports various card types: normal/patrol/duress/super card, etc.
• Various indicators to show different status
• Supports automatically and manually time synchronization
• Supports record storage function when the device is offline and insufficient storage space storage alarm function
• Backup battery design, watchdog design and tamper-proof function
• Data can be permanently saved after the access controller is powered off
• Supports I/O linkage and event linkage
• 500 groups of password under the authentication mode of card or password
• Supports time zone settings