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Elevator Controller

• Connectable with up to 2 Wiegand card readers or RS-485 card readers
• Connectable with up to 3 groups of expander elevator controllers (AC-EEC2816-H). Each group is connectable with up to 8 expander elevator controllers (AC-EEC2816-H)
• Supports 3 types of relays: Button, Call Elevator and Auto Button
• Up to 128 floors’ permissions can be controlled
• Supports adding 20,000 normal cards and saving 50,000 events
• Supports uploading events, saving offline events
• Save the data when powering off
• Get the floor No. through permission management to control the corresponding relays
• Supports up to 256 schedule template. Each schedule template supports up to 1 week plan and 4 holiday groups
• Supports 5 input terminals and 5 output terminals
• Event input and output
• Multiple authentication modes: Card, Fingerprint, Card and Fingerprint, Card and Password, Employee ID and Password, Super Password and Duress Code.
• Remote control via the web client and the CNB software
• Supports NTP time synchronization, manually time synchronization, auto time synchronization.
• Watchdog and Tamper-proof function